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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SMT updates

SMT is now updated in the google drive. Please make sure to save your old one just in case: this new one crashes rhino a lot more often, but is much better at predicting when you'll get an A4/6 error.

Things we did in class:
add base plate to existing gripper geometry (extra 21.05mm)
un-comment out (delete ";") the tool name in your code if you ever want to overwrite the length of the tool that the robot knows (gripper without attachment)
Sublime: it's a cool not-new text editor we've discovered. Cool features include sleek black screen, color coding of python code and multi-line replace (ctrl-H)

Things I changed in the
open the code up at line 580 and follow along to make sure you understand what we changed. This is important!

new tool: smallgripper_UofM
added to the geometry file under resources, meshes and points labeled accordingly. Feel free to add your tool specifically or just import your gripper mesh into the file I made and save over it.

tcp definition: z length is 100.775 (just the gripper, no attachments), and the tool is rotated +22.5 degrees like we talked about in class. The tool might be rotated 90 degrees when programming vs. simulating, and if that is the case, just rotate the tool 90 degrees in the geometry file and save over it. Alternatively, you can change the TCP to 22.5+90=112.5 degrees. Same dealio.

TCPID: tool 2 - you should change the length of tool 2 on the pendant when you run it if you don't un-comment out the tool definition line like I said ^^

activation string: this is what is put at the beginning of the line. I put GRIPPEROPEN=FALSE (this is redundant, as it should already be off), and GRIPPERCLOSE=TRUE. If you ever need to edit what it puts at the beginning of the line, do it here. You can add as many commands as you want, including wait times (e.g. WAIT SEC 1)

Waiting: I didn't put in in here, but if you want to, just add it to the activation or deactivation string. You can put in "WAIT SEC (insert number here)" in quotations with a comma in the code. For example, your activation string might be ["GRIPPEROPEN=FALSE", "GRIPPERCLOSE=TRUE", "WAIT SEC 1.5"]

deactivation string: opposite order of activation string. Turns the gripper close off before turning on gripper open. Please be sure to turn off all outputs (both gripper close and open) before running code so you don't run into any issues. 

Meet in the robo room next tuesday, ready to demo work. Please have everything uploaded to the blog to present process work. 

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